“Purity”….Drugs have no place in the Hall of  Fame

….Today’s pitch is the word “purity” something I’ve always looked for in the game. It’s hard to find that now. So many outside influences have affected the game in so many different ways. We could discuss forever how Baseball salaries are out of hand, then sadly turn to each other and wonder can we afford to take our children or grandchildren to the park for a game.Maybe I was spoiled, naybe today’s version of Million Dollar Baseball is right and I’m all wrong. I don’t like that idea, but I also need to accept that possibility.
….Then of course I could support my claim by pointing to the use of illegal drugs in Baseball. Grab the speaker’s mike and begin to spout all the sins of the recent players, coaches,managers, owners and yes even the Comissioner himself. I can’t hide my contempt for a media so caught-up in the “glories and accomplishments” of out right cheaters.Where or when did the word “values” leave our game. How can or could anyone set aside “rule #1” Character and continue then to evaluate the achievements of the Cheater ? Only if my Spelling teaching had those ethic’s I too might have passed spelling.


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