The Mets, Born from Pain, Losing meant nothing

…How or when Walter O’Malley secertly met with officals of LA and then talked Horace Stoneman into leaving New York City, while being important facts to history, are not and never should have been the real issues. These facts while having their importance in History, do not begin to tell the whole story and how the children who should have been the real issue, were excluded. I often feel here what New York Fans and baseball fans Nationwide miss was the cold hard decision to move a team that was so much a part of it’s city’s life. New York would become the first MLBB city in the post war period to have it’s team replaced. Skipping Town, had grown into a “fad” of the owners.The St Louis Browns,Boston Braves and Philadelphia Athletic’s all had skipped town. Before the Giants and Dodgers did. What Walter O’Malley was planing wasn’t new or different it was simply “selfesh”. He was going to change everything a child knew or understood about the game of Baseball in New York City. Walter O’Malley’s master plan included everything but the fans and the children. He even knew that he needed to include the Giants or some other Major League team to gain approval from the owners.
….No one could deny both clubs were playing in old ball parks, that each needed something new. New York City had grown-up around them in the post World War I period. The Farm lands of Brooklyn and the Bronx that were open lands in 1918 by 1958 had become part of the city’s fabric. It was easy to see that neither the Dodgers or the Giants could have a “neighborhood” team with destroying an existing neighborhood in New York. Through all of the secert meetings, one item was always missed, the Fans. It was true in St.Louis, in Philly and in Boston and it was about to become true in New York. hat became perfectly clear was simply this, Baseball pretended to love it’s fans, what it really loved was the little money those fans had to give.
….As a young Boy, I certainly couldn’t understand all the issues, what I had no problem understanding was the pain etched into the faces of the fans of the Dodgers and the Giants. I understood the tears in my brothers eyes were real. Something was very wrong with this American Dream, that would break the hearts of children.Something had to be very sick, to be so cold, so hard not to see or understand that the buisness of Baseball was the Children who would carry it to and through to it’s future. Whatever Walter O’Malley was in life, he was not a friend of the children of New York. Whatever Horace Stoneham was, he betryed the children of 155th street and on every street in the Worlds Capital of Baseball. Through it all, only one Woman had the couage and foresight to stand up and protest the wrong. Only one woman and who else would know or understand the needs and concerns of those Children ? She would first try to buy-out the Giants and having been turned away, she would do what every good woman does, she would then help to create anew. Through her efforts Baseball would be born again. Joan Payson was many good things, but none more or better then the Mother to the Mets and to the children of New York City where her next generation of Baseball fans would prosper and grow.
…1962 can be remembered for many things, but to the lost children of New York it will always be remembered as the year they were “adopted” by Joan Payson. As her team took the field daily with almost no chance of winning, the children filled the upper stands of the Polo Grounds with smiles and banners. Losing was nothing we couldn’t handle, we had been born through pain. We were lost, but now we were found, found in the dreams of our new Team and the Championships that lay waiting for us somewhere down the road of dreams. As diffulcult as might have seemed to put a man on the moon in 1962, to dream of a Met World Champioship was absurd. That was flat out crazy. Met fans didn’t dream of Championships, but the light of day, Could or would we ever get out of the cellar ? If we did, would the light of day kill us ? Losing ? What’s Losing when you have a team to root for ? What’s losing when children are happy ? When my brother’s tears changed into a smile and a dream, what could losing possibly do or be …..We were immune to losing, We were Met fans born from the loss we thought we could never recover him, Losing, bring it on……..God Bless and Play ball…



  1. ohboy408

    I bought the first ticket ever sold for the Mets, at the Polo Grounds, at opening day. The ticket is 00001, and I lost it during a coast to coast move.

  2. ohboy408

    ….about the two teams re=locating to the coast.
    I would listen to Les Kiter re-enact the games using only an AP feed, every afternoon, once school was over.

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