Does Baseball need a ” RollBack “

….Rollbacks are all the rage today, we can find them in Car sales, Home Sales even at local Walmarts, so why not Baseball too And not just on prices but on conditions as well. We need those people in charge to understand ” fans are not unmarked dollar bills” to be used in whatever way they please. We need Owners to have a commitment to honesty, to both the fans and the game itself. That they will punish players who cheat or have cheated. That they will look inside their own Organizations and identify those employees who particated in this cheating and take action to see it can never take place again. Lastly Baseball needs a Commissioner who isn’t afraid of the Union or the cheating players and owners. A commissioner who will hold all accountable for their deeds and isn’t afraid to hold other Commissioners who might have been tardy performing their duties in a timely mannor. The fans are not to blame for the chaotic conditions that are abundant today in the game. They should not be held accountable to make good for those owners mistakes. Some ticket prices at the new Yankee Stadium now exceed 2,500 dollars, is the freaking baseball made of Gold or what ? Are the Bats imported from Mars ? Is a 375 foot homer any different today then it was 40 years ago ?
…This isn’t hard to understand, it was all about the money, not the fans or the game, just the money. It involved everyone in the game and connected to or dependent upon the game for their own income. It isn’t enoughto be rich, they had to be rich beyond what the fan can ever imagine. It’s a sickness called “selfeshness”. For such a long period of time no one has been held accountable so that today accountability doesn’t exist.
….We the Fans…we need a “RollBacK” . We need a commitment from the Commissioner, the owners and the players themselves that they will make every attempt to give back to us the Fans what they wrongfully took from us. We need a “RollBack” and we need it now.


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