Fair or Foul ?

…After reading but a few of my blogs it’s safe to suggest the reader is aware I’m not the type of blogger to Hug a steroid or anyother drug user. Yet, in many ways I am. I’m a stong believer in helping those who sincerely want to help themselves. What’s primary is the second part of that phrase.
….Steroids and drugs as HGH have ruin one of the great parts of Baseball. The regular discussions between all the Joe’s, John’s, Barry’s, Mike’s and Mindy’s too who once could compare their favorites against the Greats of the game. Stats meant something. There were all sorts of great arguements and no one cared if they won or loss, it was the pure conversation, the debate and the time spent exhibiting their knowledge of the game they loved.
….One of the recent identified user’s sadden me. It was Alex Rodriguez. I like so many old timers wanted Alex to be clean. It was our childhood like wish or hope someone might escape the period quickly becoming known as “Baseballs Steroid age”. Someone who might link the past greats to the future stars some of us might never see, yet have such faith in.
….Alex to his credit has admitted the use but with that admission the bridge he was entittled to was gone. So is the possibilty of any Hall of Fame qualifacations in the minds of a Baseball purist. I was sadden,I wanted to hold onto that dream. His achievements now meant nothing. The battering he would take in the press and news Media may or maynot be justified. What isn’t justified is my want to drain his last bit of blood. Because Alex admitted to something. It doesn’t give me or anyone the right of a “Carte-blanche” conviction. We are not Judge and Jury nor should we pretend to be dispite his taking our dream from us. Afterall isn’t Baseball just a game ?
…Making mistakes is being human, Alex now has rejoined the Human race, he’s left the likes of hitters like Babe Ruth, Lou Gerhig, Joe “D”, Ted Williams.Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and Henry Aaron. Alex made that decision and the loss to him cannot be measured. Alex can and should make every attempt to change his life results. I believe he can, if he starts from within and works outward. You see there is a fresh new group of 8 year olds just comming into view tomorrow. Those young fans of tomorrow don’t have to live the past I know and Alex could help them all understand how easy it is to be human.
….That is where I see a foul ball going fair. Where the line drive going down the left or right field line as a foul pole comes into view, makes me stand and do what every fan does, wish that ball …one way or the other….to some it’s always going to remain Foul, to the Hometeam Crowd they pray or hope for Fair…The way I see it, this is one Foul that could help pave the way for the next generation, I want to call it Fair.


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  1. regina_gormanly@yahoo.com

    I would like to see that ball go fair as well. I think it would benefit MLB greatly if more players would make a stronger effort to connect with young fans and maybe share with them the challenges that come with being a professional athlete. They are role models; whether or not they want to be. They have the potential to be heros, but this will only be achieved if they take the initative and step up to the plate.
    Great blog!

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