What goes around….comes around

….Since 2002 when I first coined the phrase ” Is Bonds a Freak of nature ? ” we have lived the lie that Baseball was the American Game. Today’s announcement should come to no ones surprise. Nothing from the 1990’s through 2004 can be trusted. The sacred records are scared. Nowhere not anywhere is there any remorse. This is absolutely sickening. What we heard was silence, then denial, then lies and the promises of riding the game from drugs. What was missing and not heard from anyone’s corner, not the players, Former players, Management, Owners not even the Commissioner is there any remorse. Why ?

….Simply stated because they all benefitted from this period. There were fiancial windfalls that each profited from. They all got rich at the expense of what was the American Game.This is the part that really is so sick. It can’t stop with the players, I don’t want to here what was done after the horses were all out of the barn. Why was the Barn door left open to begin with ? Who was watching the Barn ? Why wasn’t the plea’s of a player like Tony Gwynn taken seriously ?

…Where were the writters, the journalists, the editors when something clearly wrong were taking place ? Was their pockets also being lined in this cash cow ? The Sport is dead. Baseball is Dead as we knew it. The commissioner wanted this. The Owners wanted this, the GM’s wanted this, the players loved it. Attendence had never been higher. No one cared it was all a drug induced condition. No one but the fan, but Walter O’Malley had already taught me the value of a fan……………..A fan has no value other then the price of addmission………


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