Met Ownership ? what’s next for us ?

….I think this is a truely interesting question. I can’t ever look to the future without looking to the past for guidence. I find some of the most diffulcult questions often have time honored answers. So I’ll need a quick review before making any decision.
….How great was it to start with Joan Payson. All the wonderful years baseball and it’s truely timeless memories that Joan provided the Met fans of this great city and Baseball fans everywhere. There has never quite been another season like 1969. Even the word “impossible” at times seem inadaquate to describe what really took place. Joan’s leagacy might also teach Fred Wilpon something….Never trust that your children to do something your way…they have minds of their own and when your…your gone.
… I was delighted when Nelson Doubleday brought 95 % of the Club. I felt his association to the game was always there. If anyone ever had a “birth right” it had to be Nelson Doubleday. His first decision to bring Frank Cashen out of retirement solidified that belief I had in him. Here nearly 30 years later, Omar is still a product of the Cashen ” School of better Baseball”….I have concerns about the Wilpons, not in their faith and desires to bring winning Baseball to New York, but their choice of associates and dealings where the Mets are involved. Baseball can use Real Estate skills at times, but not at the governing board. The two fiancial worlds are quite different in principal. I for one can’t see a stable marriage there. I understand the need for the TV outlet in today’s market, but I also agree with Ted Turner, it should be YOURS, not some project shared in a three way operation where as in this case the Mets become “Dancing with the Stars” ” American Idol” or “America’s Most wanted”…..LOL…Which is what we are left through the current operation of SNY. SNY spends as much time selling time to ” paid advertising Programs” selling me everything from land to new hair….I only wish I could wipe them all away with one SHAM_WOW…LOL…
….Donald Trump…I think ” The Donald ” would at least hold tryouts for different positions, and it would make better TV then what we have today…………Besides, maybe I could be a contestant..I can see myself now in Trumps new TV Program…” The Dugout “…..I’m game.


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