Running up the Red Flag over Citifield

…..Just when you thought it was safe to think “Yes”….I’m sending up a RED FLAG, Yep here I go playing party popper. There are no less te three Relievers now on track for 90 appearence this season. Two more on track for 80 appearences. This is the “pitch count” and if Omar and Jerry aren’t concerned about it today, all they need to do is review last Septembers bull-pen activities. It’s hard for me to believe after last year, Jerry hasn’t learned a thing. That is excately how I feel. The Mets will need fresh arms in the Pen by August 1 if they intend to hold off any late charge from the Phillies or any other club.

…What baffles me the most is the total lack of logicial thinking here. Anyone can sit down and examine how a season effects an overall staff. Pitchers Arms so fresh in April will tire, they tire pecentage wise to the amount of use. Relievers are Pitchers too, they are effected by these numbers as well. If you see a fall off after 50 appearences you can rest assured after 60 it will be at an accelrated pace. At 70 your crossing your fingars and at 80 your closing your eyes and praying they have something anything left.

…What baseball people seem to be missing here, or ignoring is the simple fact the “Pitch-Count” doesn’t work everywhere. It needs Strong young arms who carry teams constantly into later innings. Without that the burden becomes a “staff” burden. Rick Peterson success was based on his starters. The entire success of the Braves rotation throughout the 90’s, again on it’s starters. They didn’t over worked pens. They always had 3 sometimes 4 starters taking their games into the 7th , 8th and even at times completing games.

…How can the Mets prevent it ? They can if they want to try something “new” and yet very old. Starting in June each week rest one reliever. I mean give him the week off. I don’t care how much you think you need him, you’ll need him semi fresh in September if you want to win. Putz , needs to be fresh after the Allstar break so give him the week off before it. Rest Frankie after the break, allowing Putz to close for that week to 10 days. Do the same for Parnell, Green, Feliciano and Stokes by using Fossum, Takahashi, Knight and Figueroa to fill for the resting long or set-up men. What law is it that says you can’t expand your active roster by using summer help. Every successful Company on the face of the earth does it, why not baseball, why not the Mets. By allowing these periods of rest, you not only delay the wear and tear, you help to restore a little arm strength. This is what pitching is all about. It is as we often here “cerebal” but you can give me the best thinking pitcher in the world with a tired arm and I ‘ll show you a tired arm without a clue.

….Dan Warthen needs to sit down with Jerry now, not later. Dan needs to layout a “rest schedule period” a summer vacation sort of schedule like we all need to get a breather from our jobs. Now go ahead with your dopey pitch count knowing you have at least taken the “Natural” percautions necessary for survial……..


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