Yes, there’s a difference in hitters between the NL and AL

…..One of the first things that struck me in the Boston Series was the attitude of Youkalis at the Plate. He owned it

….In truth what it shows is a real difference in hitters attitude at the plate. American League hitters believe in their stats. They have a feeling of “entittlement” at home plate. Big Poppy hit our catcher in the head once every game. It is time for pitchers to throw at “Big Poppy’s” head. I mean that ! I don’t believe in “head hunting” but when a batter feels he can “accidentially” hit my catcher in the head 3 times in 3 different games, it’s time Big Poppy found out he too has a head. Six Red Soxs were out of the batters box. Six of their starting 9 hitters. This is an attitude. No wonder Santana was so successfull over there. He doesn’t stand for it. All Pitchers in both leagues can learn from what Johan help to expose Friday evening. I also realize not every pitcher can throw as hard as a Santana, Parnell, Pelfrey, Putz, Feliciano or Rodriguez, but they can toss an 88-89 mph in on an elbow. Once swollen the intelligent hitter feels the pain. His pride is hurt more then his elbow but he’s unlikely to allow that pain in his elbow not to dictate a few inches of space.

…How important is it ? HUGE ! Stop a pitcher from throwing inside and mistakes are a common happening. Mistakes out over the barrel of the bat. Mistakes like those are often termed “HOME RUNS“. In short I saw no difference in the Red Soxs hitters next to a full Met lineup, and might even given a full Met line-up the edge whenever our “Heaters” are on the mound.

…Santana deserves a great deal of credit here. His attitude was what many of our “hard throwers” saw and followed. Johan just didn’t win on Friday nite….he also deseves credit for the win on Saturday and the tight pitching from Pelfrey, Feliciano and Putz.


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