The Miracle Mets of 2009

….Well 1/4 of the 2009, this composistion of Mets is one of the weakest since Grant’s Tomb was open. How this team is winning is more of a mystery to me then then how in 1969 The Mets won it all. I’m not at all in panic, in fact to quote Casey again…’it’s Amazing, Amazing, AMAZING….lol…Schneider, Delgado, Reyes, Church, and Beltran. Five regulars are now missing from the line-up. Can you sit there and honestly tell yourself any other team in Baseball could have a winning record no less be in first Place in their division and be missing 3/4 of their core and 5 regular posistion players from their starting lineup. That’s a bit much to expect. Anyone who thinks this team doesn’t have heart, doesn’t understand the place their getting their Temporary help from at AAA is in last place there and falling fast. The Buffalo Bison are the equilviant of the 1962 Mets. A collection of “journey-men and gifted kids”. Everyone loves a winner, that’s easy. When your club has a starting line-up payroll of over 56 M and add to that one night’s starter is 20 M while his set-up and closer are 13.5 M along with an additional 10 M for a closer already DL you have a team with a working salary of just under 100 M for that nite. The only problem is the team your fielding is geting paid less then 15 M and 11.9 M of that is going to two of the 8 players who are on the field. Now add the fact here, they win that game. Now what more of a miracle are you looking for ? This is amature hour baseball in the Major Leagues. Think not ? The Flordia Marlins are running out 8 regulars and paying more money to them then the Mets are and what sort of results are they getting ? The Phillies starting 8 last nite was over 50 M and they have lost ground to these ” Dollar Store Mets ” ….

….What really needs to be said is simply this from the Fan Faithfull….” Let’s Go Mets ” because just as in 1969 this bunch of Mets truely deserve to hear it, this group of Rag-tag Players deserve for once in their lives to hear those cheers they have often dream of but have never heard…..These are the real “Mets”…………


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