Turning The Page…

…Yesterday, seems like such a long time ago. Once I was young and winning was taught just like Math, English and Spelling. Winning was an attitude one had to have in order to compete, you understood that a losing attitude resulted in a losing effort. It wasn’t so much about the results you achieved but the attitude you took into the game. Losing while playing winning baseball wasn’t something you where ever ashamed about. Now I understand just how old I am. After 48 years of believing in something so strongly the Wildon’s have changed the rules. They placed “profit” before winning ignoring a long standing baseball law that explicitly states that winning bares profit.
…The Met players will now be asked to compete in an “unbalanced” market. Here is a team that plays baseball 81 times a season in a pitchers paradise and won’t have a class pitching staff. 36 of their Home games will be played against teams playing to win from the top down. 72 of the games altogether that way. They hired a General Manager who acknowledges ” Chicks digs Homers” despite where his team plays 1/2 of the season, he maintains ” the chicks dig Homers”. That’s great. It’s very likely they’ll be as many “chicks” in Citfield as there are going to be Met Home runs there. Sandy Alderson has his eyes wide shut.
…Not since 1978 have things looked so bleak for the Mets. Even last September one could envision a starter or two added to the club would send it in as a contender in 2011. Today, just how the team can win 60 games is a heck of a good question.
….Some people think the Mets wrongfully fired Omar Minaya, I don’t today. I believe they did him a favor. They took him out of a picture that will only get worse. They have saved him the embarrassment of facing the NY Media day in and day out in what appears to be the worst possible period of ever leading this club. It’s understandable to me today why Clint Hurdle would choose manging the Pirates over the Mets. He heard all he needed to here at the initial meeting to know he wanted nothing to do with this club or it’s current ownership.
…48 Years, that a long time. I’ve grown old. I’m bitter and disgusted with the current direction of the team I followed Casey to. I have my memories and I guess now that is all that is left. Somewhere there is a 12 year old dreaming of playing baseball in the streets of Brooklyn, Queens or even the Bronx, whose memories will never begin today and that is the biggest loss of all.


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