Met Ownership ? what’s next for us ?

….I think this is a truely interesting question. I can’t ever look to the future without looking to the past for guidence. I find some of the most diffulcult questions often have time honored answers. So I’ll need a quick review before making any decision.
….How great was it to start with Joan Payson. All the wonderful years baseball and it’s truely timeless memories that Joan provided the Met fans of this great city and Baseball fans everywhere. There has never quite been another season like 1969. Even the word “impossible” at times seem inadaquate to describe what really took place. Joan’s leagacy might also teach Fred Wilpon something….Never trust that your children to do something your way…they have minds of their own and when your…your gone.
… I was delighted when Nelson Doubleday brought 95 % of the Club. I felt his association to the game was always there. If anyone ever had a “birth right” it had to be Nelson Doubleday. His first decision to bring Frank Cashen out of retirement solidified that belief I had in him. Here nearly 30 years later, Omar is still a product of the Cashen ” School of better Baseball”….I have concerns about the Wilpons, not in their faith and desires to bring winning Baseball to New York, but their choice of associates and dealings where the Mets are involved. Baseball can use Real Estate skills at times, but not at the governing board. The two fiancial worlds are quite different in principal. I for one can’t see a stable marriage there. I understand the need for the TV outlet in today’s market, but I also agree with Ted Turner, it should be YOURS, not some project shared in a three way operation where as in this case the Mets become “Dancing with the Stars” ” American Idol” or “America’s Most wanted”…..LOL…Which is what we are left through the current operation of SNY. SNY spends as much time selling time to ” paid advertising Programs” selling me everything from land to new hair….I only wish I could wipe them all away with one SHAM_WOW…LOL…
….Donald Trump…I think ” The Donald ” would at least hold tryouts for different positions, and it would make better TV then what we have today…………Besides, maybe I could be a contestant..I can see myself now in Trumps new TV Program…” The Dugout “…..I’m game.


What goes around….comes around

….Since 2002 when I first coined the phrase ” Is Bonds a Freak of nature ? ” we have lived the lie that Baseball was the American Game. Today’s announcement should come to no ones surprise. Nothing from the 1990’s through 2004 can be trusted. The sacred records are scared. Nowhere not anywhere is there any remorse. This is absolutely sickening. What we heard was silence, then denial, then lies and the promises of riding the game from drugs. What was missing and not heard from anyone’s corner, not the players, Former players, Management, Owners not even the Commissioner is there any remorse. Why ?

….Simply stated because they all benefitted from this period. There were fiancial windfalls that each profited from. They all got rich at the expense of what was the American Game.This is the part that really is so sick. It can’t stop with the players, I don’t want to here what was done after the horses were all out of the barn. Why was the Barn door left open to begin with ? Who was watching the Barn ? Why wasn’t the plea’s of a player like Tony Gwynn taken seriously ?

…Where were the writters, the journalists, the editors when something clearly wrong were taking place ? Was their pockets also being lined in this cash cow ? The Sport is dead. Baseball is Dead as we knew it. The commissioner wanted this. The Owners wanted this, the GM’s wanted this, the players loved it. Attendence had never been higher. No one cared it was all a drug induced condition. No one but the fan, but Walter O’Malley had already taught me the value of a fan……………..A fan has no value other then the price of addmission………

Fair or Foul ?

…After reading but a few of my blogs it’s safe to suggest the reader is aware I’m not the type of blogger to Hug a steroid or anyother drug user. Yet, in many ways I am. I’m a stong believer in helping those who sincerely want to help themselves. What’s primary is the second part of that phrase.
….Steroids and drugs as HGH have ruin one of the great parts of Baseball. The regular discussions between all the Joe’s, John’s, Barry’s, Mike’s and Mindy’s too who once could compare their favorites against the Greats of the game. Stats meant something. There were all sorts of great arguements and no one cared if they won or loss, it was the pure conversation, the debate and the time spent exhibiting their knowledge of the game they loved.
….One of the recent identified user’s sadden me. It was Alex Rodriguez. I like so many old timers wanted Alex to be clean. It was our childhood like wish or hope someone might escape the period quickly becoming known as “Baseballs Steroid age”. Someone who might link the past greats to the future stars some of us might never see, yet have such faith in.
….Alex to his credit has admitted the use but with that admission the bridge he was entittled to was gone. So is the possibilty of any Hall of Fame qualifacations in the minds of a Baseball purist. I was sadden,I wanted to hold onto that dream. His achievements now meant nothing. The battering he would take in the press and news Media may or maynot be justified. What isn’t justified is my want to drain his last bit of blood. Because Alex admitted to something. It doesn’t give me or anyone the right of a “Carte-blanche” conviction. We are not Judge and Jury nor should we pretend to be dispite his taking our dream from us. Afterall isn’t Baseball just a game ?
…Making mistakes is being human, Alex now has rejoined the Human race, he’s left the likes of hitters like Babe Ruth, Lou Gerhig, Joe “D”, Ted Williams.Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and Henry Aaron. Alex made that decision and the loss to him cannot be measured. Alex can and should make every attempt to change his life results. I believe he can, if he starts from within and works outward. You see there is a fresh new group of 8 year olds just comming into view tomorrow. Those young fans of tomorrow don’t have to live the past I know and Alex could help them all understand how easy it is to be human.
….That is where I see a foul ball going fair. Where the line drive going down the left or right field line as a foul pole comes into view, makes me stand and do what every fan does, wish that ball …one way or the other….to some it’s always going to remain Foul, to the Hometeam Crowd they pray or hope for Fair…The way I see it, this is one Foul that could help pave the way for the next generation, I want to call it Fair.

Does Baseball need a ” RollBack “

….Rollbacks are all the rage today, we can find them in Car sales, Home Sales even at local Walmarts, so why not Baseball too And not just on prices but on conditions as well. We need those people in charge to understand ” fans are not unmarked dollar bills” to be used in whatever way they please. We need Owners to have a commitment to honesty, to both the fans and the game itself. That they will punish players who cheat or have cheated. That they will look inside their own Organizations and identify those employees who particated in this cheating and take action to see it can never take place again. Lastly Baseball needs a Commissioner who isn’t afraid of the Union or the cheating players and owners. A commissioner who will hold all accountable for their deeds and isn’t afraid to hold other Commissioners who might have been tardy performing their duties in a timely mannor. The fans are not to blame for the chaotic conditions that are abundant today in the game. They should not be held accountable to make good for those owners mistakes. Some ticket prices at the new Yankee Stadium now exceed 2,500 dollars, is the freaking baseball made of Gold or what ? Are the Bats imported from Mars ? Is a 375 foot homer any different today then it was 40 years ago ?
…This isn’t hard to understand, it was all about the money, not the fans or the game, just the money. It involved everyone in the game and connected to or dependent upon the game for their own income. It isn’t enoughto be rich, they had to be rich beyond what the fan can ever imagine. It’s a sickness called “selfeshness”. For such a long period of time no one has been held accountable so that today accountability doesn’t exist.
….We the Fans…we need a “RollBacK” . We need a commitment from the Commissioner, the owners and the players themselves that they will make every attempt to give back to us the Fans what they wrongfully took from us. We need a “RollBack” and we need it now.

The Mets, Born from Pain, Losing meant nothing

…How or when Walter O’Malley secertly met with officals of LA and then talked Horace Stoneman into leaving New York City, while being important facts to history, are not and never should have been the real issues. These facts while having their importance in History, do not begin to tell the whole story and how the children who should have been the real issue, were excluded. I often feel here what New York Fans and baseball fans Nationwide miss was the cold hard decision to move a team that was so much a part of it’s city’s life. New York would become the first MLBB city in the post war period to have it’s team replaced. Skipping Town, had grown into a “fad” of the owners.The St Louis Browns,Boston Braves and Philadelphia Athletic’s all had skipped town. Before the Giants and Dodgers did. What Walter O’Malley was planing wasn’t new or different it was simply “selfesh”. He was going to change everything a child knew or understood about the game of Baseball in New York City. Walter O’Malley’s master plan included everything but the fans and the children. He even knew that he needed to include the Giants or some other Major League team to gain approval from the owners.
….No one could deny both clubs were playing in old ball parks, that each needed something new. New York City had grown-up around them in the post World War I period. The Farm lands of Brooklyn and the Bronx that were open lands in 1918 by 1958 had become part of the city’s fabric. It was easy to see that neither the Dodgers or the Giants could have a “neighborhood” team with destroying an existing neighborhood in New York. Through all of the secert meetings, one item was always missed, the Fans. It was true in St.Louis, in Philly and in Boston and it was about to become true in New York. hat became perfectly clear was simply this, Baseball pretended to love it’s fans, what it really loved was the little money those fans had to give.
….As a young Boy, I certainly couldn’t understand all the issues, what I had no problem understanding was the pain etched into the faces of the fans of the Dodgers and the Giants. I understood the tears in my brothers eyes were real. Something was very wrong with this American Dream, that would break the hearts of children.Something had to be very sick, to be so cold, so hard not to see or understand that the buisness of Baseball was the Children who would carry it to and through to it’s future. Whatever Walter O’Malley was in life, he was not a friend of the children of New York. Whatever Horace Stoneham was, he betryed the children of 155th street and on every street in the Worlds Capital of Baseball. Through it all, only one Woman had the couage and foresight to stand up and protest the wrong. Only one woman and who else would know or understand the needs and concerns of those Children ? She would first try to buy-out the Giants and having been turned away, she would do what every good woman does, she would then help to create anew. Through her efforts Baseball would be born again. Joan Payson was many good things, but none more or better then the Mother to the Mets and to the children of New York City where her next generation of Baseball fans would prosper and grow.
…1962 can be remembered for many things, but to the lost children of New York it will always be remembered as the year they were “adopted” by Joan Payson. As her team took the field daily with almost no chance of winning, the children filled the upper stands of the Polo Grounds with smiles and banners. Losing was nothing we couldn’t handle, we had been born through pain. We were lost, but now we were found, found in the dreams of our new Team and the Championships that lay waiting for us somewhere down the road of dreams. As diffulcult as might have seemed to put a man on the moon in 1962, to dream of a Met World Champioship was absurd. That was flat out crazy. Met fans didn’t dream of Championships, but the light of day, Could or would we ever get out of the cellar ? If we did, would the light of day kill us ? Losing ? What’s Losing when you have a team to root for ? What’s losing when children are happy ? When my brother’s tears changed into a smile and a dream, what could losing possibly do or be …..We were immune to losing, We were Met fans born from the loss we thought we could never recover him, Losing, bring it on……..God Bless and Play ball…

How and Why the DH affected the game

…During the 1950’s and 60’s while sitting in class, I loved sitting with my pocket radio and small cream colored earphone wrapped under my white shirt and tie listening to Mel Allen’s call of a game. ” a letter high fastball, from Turley, strike three swinging and That’s Turley 7th strike-out in six innings”…
…Baseball and the letter high fast ball, they were common, often referred to as the “rising fastball” it was strength against strength. Through the 60’s something happen to the old games strength. Pitchers began to get better at the game then the hitters were, or at least it appeared that way. So the American League decided to change the rules and alter the format to improve run production.
….It’s all a great story, but sadly it excapes the real truth. Baseball had lost something special in 1965. It had lost the greatest drawing card it ever had, the Yankees, were feared no more. As the Yankees fell off to the basement so did attendence in the American League. Without the great drawing card of the Yankees, American League teams already water down by the expansion of 61 were now faced with a second league expansion, lower attendence numbers , no production numbers, missing superstars and in deep fiancial trouble.
…The American League sought rules changes, lowering the mound ten inches but they wanted and needed more. They needed run production. History had taught everyone that “Ruth” had changed the game. What the owners needed was each to have their own little “Ruth” something that could score runs, drive runs in, and hit Home Runs. The DH became the next “immatation Babe”.
…What really went on in the smokey room full of owners fighting over the issues wasn’t about the game of baseball, but how it affected the fiancial end of their Game. The Dodgers led the way in backroom deals, getting the LA tag off the Angles for their part in the vote. This was maybe Baseball “darkest day” until that point. In 1919 it was a handfull of players, now it was more then handfull of owners who would change the very foundation of the game for “profit”.
…Of course in the years that followed , the DH took on a life of it’s own and with a union to protect these payers now the game had to accept the fact, that players who were no longer capable of playing the game, now had jobs, they were DH”s. Some of them couldn’t run, some others could field but all could hit.
….Baseball is going through a recovery process today. One even worse ten the effect the DH had on the game. Now is the time I believe to review those mistakes, bring them up put them on the table, open the history books and look at the mess the DH help to create. Owners and Union personal alike, must realize today the great error in watering down the game. God Bless and Play Ball.

“Purity”….Drugs have no place in the Hall of  Fame

….Today’s pitch is the word “purity” something I’ve always looked for in the game. It’s hard to find that now. So many outside influences have affected the game in so many different ways. We could discuss forever how Baseball salaries are out of hand, then sadly turn to each other and wonder can we afford to take our children or grandchildren to the park for a game.Maybe I was spoiled, naybe today’s version of Million Dollar Baseball is right and I’m all wrong. I don’t like that idea, but I also need to accept that possibility.
….Then of course I could support my claim by pointing to the use of illegal drugs in Baseball. Grab the speaker’s mike and begin to spout all the sins of the recent players, coaches,managers, owners and yes even the Comissioner himself. I can’t hide my contempt for a media so caught-up in the “glories and accomplishments” of out right cheaters.Where or when did the word “values” leave our game. How can or could anyone set aside “rule #1” Character and continue then to evaluate the achievements of the Cheater ? Only if my Spelling teaching had those ethic’s I too might have passed spelling.